The healthcare professionals at HealthAll Consulting represent the best talent in the industry. Our Associates include professionals who have held “C” level positions, Program Directors and Sr. Project Manager titles, overseeing large complex system integration, conversion, and implementation projects. Many others are specialists and experts in specific areas of health plans and hospital business operations such as EHR/EMR, Claims, Configuration, Billing, Membership, Medical Management, Reporting, Testing, HIE, Revenue Cycle Management, Meaningful Use, Medicaid, Medicare, HIPAA, ICD-10, 5010, and more.

Our professional services model provides clients with optimal staffing flexibility and scale-ability to ensure the most qualified resources will not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Our professional services model allows us to engage and disengage SME’s throughout the project as needed to ensure optimal budget and project objectives are achieved. Unlike other firms, we do not and will not engage professionals throughout the project unnecessarily to maximize our profits.

HealthAll Consulting focuses on delivering expert consulting services that assist organizations to optimize their Electronic Health Record (EHR) investments through processes that will maximize integration, workflow, and outcomes.

Our industry is actively embracing as well as encouraging all providers and payers to implement telehealth solutions. At HealthAll Consulting, we are experienced and prepared to help your organization implement, rollout, and support your telehealth objectives.

Overall, HealthAll Consulting clients include; Hospitals, IDN’s, HMO’s, PPO’s, TPA’s, Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans, software vendors, and global consulting firm business partners throughout the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.


HealthAll Consulting and its team of business and IT professionals have earned a reputation of delivering expert level system implementation and integration services to hospitals and providers to help clients achieve their strategic objectives. We serve some of the nation’s largest ambulatory, acute, post-acute and long-term care organizations. We help provider’s nationwide advance the quality of patient care they deliver and improve overall business performance.

HealthAll Consulting professionals offer extensive experience and success and most have been users of the industry’s leading EHR, ambulatory, and other systems, like the ones you use. This knowledge was not attained in class rooms. Instead, it was earned based on real world day to day operations experience. Many of our consultants are certified in applications such as Cerner, Epic, and others.

At HealthAll Consulting, our payer services focus on your core claim and medical management systems. We offer expert level knowledge about these core systems to help your organization achieve its objectives and reduce cost. We can help your organization successfully implement and utilize technologies that improve operational efficiency and solve complex member care management issues.

See each category below to find out more information:

Healthcare executives constantly grapple with issues concerning the safety of their facility, the satisfaction of their staff, the quality of care provided to their patients and the costly workflow inefficiencies that impact their bottom line. Innovators are constantly working to create technology that can both promote patient safety and support streamlined business processes and operations. One of the newest and most effective ways of addressing these challenges is the adoption and integration of RTLS into a hospital’s processes.

Our service offerings include:

  • Expertise needed to assess, select, and implement RTLS solutions for your organization.
  • Seasoned RTLS experts and leaders in the industry to help you strategize and plan for RTLS adoption.
  • Experienced project managers and project staff for implementation and go live support.


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Why invest in RTLS?

  • Research indicates hospitals typically purchase up to 20% more portable equipment than required for operational needs, so that staff may find it when needed.
  • For example, a hospital procures 3,000 IV pumps at $4,250.00 each (total: $12,750,000) but if using RTLS, this need is for 2,400 IV pumps at a total cost of $10,200,000 for saving of $2,550,000.
  • If the investment in RTLS had a cost of $1,850,000, the final savings on hardware after investment would be $700,000, a 37.8% ROI (return on investment) with immediate payback time. For more expensive equipment such as ICU ventilators, the ROI can be much greater.

Additionally, there are annualized savings:

  • Maintenance cost of single pump is $1,125* annually which for 600 pumps equates to a yearly saving of $675,000
  • Overall reduction in nursing time looking for equipment of 2% (2,150 FTEs with average compensation of $71,000*) resulting inannual savings of $3,053,000)
  • Lower capital expenditure will also result in a reduction in the cost of depreciation (where applicable), and fewer assets will translate into a proportionate reduction in storage and maintenance needs and costs. Furthermore, with RTLS, medical personnel spend less time looking for equipment, thus increasing efficiency and productivity, as well as staff and patient satisfaction.

Pandemic Preparedness & Response

Unpredictable global pandemics such as COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease) demand creative and immediate medical strategies to increase hospital capacity to meet the surge of infected patients. It is also critical to maintain quality and continuity of care for patients not immediately affected by the virus. In times of global health crisis medical centers urgently need autonomous process management solutions to monitor clinical operations, provide efficient in-house patient communication, infection control as well as equipment allocation.

HealthAll Consulting provides solutions for speedy, efficient, and cost-conscious prevention of further spread of the virus. For patients who require regular, non-pandemic related treatments, this boosts their confidence that your care setting is safe for them.

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The cost of implementing an EHR (Electronic Health Record) can be staggering.  Optimizing your investment in EHR is often overlooked and should be considered a critical and ongoing objective.

Too often, when implementing a new Electronic Health Record (EHR), the need to “get the system live” as soon as possible results in a rushed implementation of basic functionality and “out of the box” workflows.

Typically, due to project cost and budget concerns, not enough emphasis is dedicated to analyzing current workflow and process improvement.  As a result, clinical efficiency and provider satisfaction often suffer.


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The implementation of a new EHR is just the beginning of a journey that will lead to better patient care, greater efficiencies and improved return on investment

Healthcare organizations are understanding the value of EHR optimization as demonstrated by the recent College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) survey.  EHR Optimization was the top priority focus (The capital investment priorities of CHIME members (2017-2020).

Customizing the EHR and the processes that integrate with it to fit your specific organizational needs and implementing new functionality/features is maximizing your investment. More importantly, it is vital to your organization resulting in desirable outcomes relating to patient care, provider satisfaction, cost savings, and more. Ongoing reviews and continued optimization of the EHR should be considered necessary due to constant change factors such as advances in medical treatment, compliance & regulatory changes, feature enhancement and upgrades, adding of new specialties and more.

Successful EHR optimization requires collaboration with operational and clinical leaders to deliver measurable outcomes.  A comprehensive approach to the end to end workflow is critical to achieving enhanced/refined clinical content, workflows, technical build, reporting, and revenue cycle management.

HealthAll Consulting’s service offerings include:

  • Provides clinical, business, and project support solutions and services which assist all areas of the health system and physician practices to reap benefits from the automation investment.
  • Delivers hands-on consulting and methodologies to drive system adoption & optimization, improve clinical workflows and boost return on investment for your EHR software resulting in effective processes and a better clinician and patient experience.
  • Collaborates with you to refine system workflows and achieve the highest levels of EHR performance that will deliver the most value to your organization.
  • Provide FTE Placements for Operations & IT

HealthAll Consulting offers experts with deep application knowledge, experienced project managers, and expert technical consultants all focused on improving clinician adoption, productivity and satisfaction.

EHR Vendors

  • Epic
  • Cerner
  • McKesson

EHR Vendors (cont’d)

  • Cerner Siemen’s Legacy Solutions
  • Meditech
  • Allscripts


  • Lawson
  • PeopleSoft
  • Kronos


  • Corepoint

HealthAll Consulting is a healthcare industry leader that provides effective professional management consulting services and flexible workforce solutions to payers and hospitals.

We offer a network of dedicated professionals that extends throughout the industry and is not limited to permanent staff on our payroll. Access to this network of healthcare professionals enables us to select and engage the best talent for your project. Unlike other organizations, our network of professionals is expansive and includes many professionals who we know and have engaged previously and successfully.

Our staff model provides clients like you with optimal staffing flexibility to ensure the most qualified resources that will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Our staff model allows us to engage SME’s throughout the project as needed to ensure the optimal results that meets your budget objectives.

Staffing services include the recruitment and placement of full-time employees (FTE) to satisfy your staffing needs. Our placements range from “C” level executives to entry level positions. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients establish a staffing model that is cost effective and operationally efficient.

We can provide your organization with interim C-level healthcare executives on short notice. HealthAll Consulting’s interim healthcare management professionals offer deep domain knowledge of health plan and payer business and Information Technology operations. Our team of senior management professionals have served in C–level roles with the industry’s leading health plans and hospitals.

Each member of our team has served more than 20 years in the industry and can deliver immediate and effective leadership, relief, and stability to your organization. Our interim management team also includes professionals who have served in other such roles as PMO, Directors, Project Managers, and other business Operations and Information Technology management leadership positions.

HealthAll Consulting provides financial recovery services that can recoup millions of dollars for clients. We can offer medical reimbursement consultants that specialize in recovering lost revenue for hospitals, medical facilities and physicians. Our professional associates have successfully recouped millions of dollars from insurance companies (including Medicare, Medicaid, MCO, Commercial and Third party Liability) based on accounts that were written off as bad debt and “non-collectable”.

Our experienced team of medical reimbursement specialists are experts not only in identifying and recovering your lost revenues, but also in substantially increasing your revenue long term. Our professional services are not limited to recovery only but instead extend to offering you advisory services, “best practices” and staff training that will allow your operations to sustain optimum revenue levels.

Many of our associates offer previous employment with insurance companies. This past experience provides an advantage whereas our Associates have first-hand knowledge of how payers code benefits and provider contracts to keep your medical payouts at a minimum. In turn, we are able to maximize payouts to medical facilities.

HealthAll Consulting has successfully negotiated the settlement of hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements with the CXOs of insurance companies. During the recovery process, we also identified the reason(s) organizations were losing millions of dollars each month. Primarily, it was due to coding, registration, contract- related, and other process issues. Due to the knowledge and experience of both Hospital and Payer Operations, our team of professionals were able to resolve business process and coding issues to maximize future revenues for medical facilities like your organization.

We are so confident we can make a difference for your organization that we will assume all financial risk. In brief, our compensation for financial recovery services is based strictly upon a minimal contingency structure so there is no upfront cost or substantial fees required by your organization to engage our services.

We at HealthAll Consulting are confident we can collect and recover significant bad debt and other financials for your organization to increase your revenue immediately and for the long term. Please allow us the opportunity to prove that we can deliver significant value to your organization.

We look forward to working with you.

Our industry is under attack. More than 70% of executives at healthcare providers and payers say their information technology has been compromised by cyber-attacks. In 2016, such attacks occurred at a rate of 1 per day. HHS requires entities to report breaches within 60 days of discovery, and only 86 entities reported their breach to HHS within that timeframe.

In brief, our industry continues to be the target of hackers. No other industry is hit harder by cyberattacks than healthcare. Such attacks and breaches puts patient health, provider, member, and personal information at risk.

A survey of healthcare organizations revealed that the majority of healthcare organization’s don’t have confidence in their current protection systems or staff’s ability to provide sufficient protection and don’t know their capabilities, in real time, to detect if their organization’s systems are being compromised.

The magnitude of the security threats against healthcare information has grown exponentially, but the response and budget allowance for securing that information remains far short of what is required.

Cybersecurity Services

Let us help your organization proactively prevent, rather than reactively detect areas of security risk.

HealthAll Consulting can help payers and providers with advanced endpoint security to protect the sensitive information maintained for patients, members, and providers.

We understand the business of healthcare, your business! More importantly, we understand the information systems, applications, devices, communication networks, and more that are utilized by providers and payers.

CIS Controls

The CIS Critical Security Controls (CIS Controls) are a concise, prioritized set of cyber practices created to stop today’s most pervasive and dangerous cyber attacks. The CIS Controls are developed, refined, and validated by a community of leading experts from around the world.

We can offer the experience, capability, and veteran security professionals that are experts in the field of cybersecurity. We can help you successfully achieve the first five CIS Controls to significantly reduce your risk of cyberattack and possibly by 85 percent.

The Center of Internet Security (CIS) suggests that organizations that apply just the first five CIS Controls can reduce their risk of cyberattack by approximately 85 percent. Implementing all 20 CIS Controls increases the risk reduction to approximately 94 percent.

Services also include providing healthplan executives like you and others with advisory services on:

Advisory Services:

  • Effectiveness of your current efforts – Assessment & Scorecard
  • Suggested Scope & Strategy
  • How much should your organization invest in Cyber Security
  • Findings & Recommendations – Includes an action plan, direction, etc
  • Workforce Education – for ALL levels (one shoe does not fit all)
  • Advisory Services – HIPAA Audits, Compliance Reviews, Penetration Testing, Social Engineering and Policy/Governance set up
  • Staff Augmentation Services – Cyber Security specific and/or general IT

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Our services are as effective as a Big 4 consulting firm but our value exceeds the competition. Why pay more?


At HealthAll Consulting, our payer services focus on your core claim and medical management systems. We offer expert level knowledge about these core systems to help your organization achieve its objectives and reduce cost. We can help your organization successfully implement and utilize technologies that improve operational efficiency and solve complex member care management issues. View each category below to find out more information.

Our portfolio of consulting services includes unique proprietary tools that we bring to our client engagements. These tools deliver knowledge, planning, and structure to ensure project success and avoid budget overruns.

See each category below to find out more information:

At HealthAll Consulting, our payer services focus on your core claim and medical management systems. We offer expert level knowledge about these core systems to help your organization achieve its objectives and reduce cost. We can help your organization successfully implement and utilize technologies that improve operational efficiency and solve complex member care management issues. View each category below to find out more information.

  • Implementation of Government Mandates
  • System evaluation and selection
  • Advisory Vendor Management & Contract Negotiation Services
  • RFP Development and Management
  • Vendor Contract Negotiations
  • System Implementation Planning  and Support
  • Configuration  Assessments and Re-Design
  • Benefit Modularization and Optimization
  • Configuration Development Best Practices
  • PMO
  • System Release Upgrades
  • Optimization of current System(s)
  • System Conversion
  • Test Plan Strategy

At HealthAll Consulting, our payer services focus on your core claim and medical management systems. We offer expert level knowledge about these core systems to help your organization achieve its objectives and reduce cost. We can help your organization successfully implement and utilize technologies that improve operational efficiency and solve complex member care management issues. View each category below to find out more information.

  • QNXT™
  • HealthEdge
  • MHS & MHC
  • Health Solutions Plus
  • Diamond
  • Peradigm
  • HealthTrio
  • EDS
  • RAMTechnologies

New System Implementations and system integration can be complex and financially risky. There is no substitute for experience to help you navigate the roadmap to success. System implementation and integration services are some of our core competencies.

We can help your organization save millions of dollars and significantly reduce the cost of complex large scale system implementations such as payer core claim and hospital EMR/EHR applications as well as many others.

Our team of professionals offer in depth knowledge and experience with the industry’s leading payer and hospital applications. This expertise can translate into project cost reductions for your organization resulting in millions of dollars over the life of the project. More importantly, our unparalleled expert knowledge of these leading applications will assure the success of your project objectives.

We have already achieved this success for other clients. There is no reason why we cannot achieve the same results for you!

Our range of service offerings includes all areas of your organizations business and Information Technology operations and includes:

  • Operational assessments
  • Industry best practices
  • Process improvement
  • Configuration of Benefits and Provider contracts
  • Financial Recovery Services
  • Actuarial FTE Placements
  • Increased Revenues and Financial Performance
  • Provide FTE Placements for Operations & IT
  • Custom software development
  • Release upgrade support
  • Reporting
  • Testing
  • Much more

In sum, our services include but are not limited to: System Implementation, Planning and Support, Configuration, Operations / Business Process Improvement, ICD-10, Programming Development, Custom Software Development, Release Upgrade Support, Vendor Application Integration, System Interface Development and Integration and Data Analysis and Reporting.

At HealthAll Consulting, our payer services focus on your core claim and medical management systems. We offer expert level knowledge about these core systems to help your organization achieve its objectives and reduce cost. We can help your organization successfully implement and utilize technologies that improve operational efficiency and solve complex member care management issues. View each category below to find out more information.

  • Medical Management Leadership & Support Services
  • Medicaid & Medicare
  • Configuration – Benefit Build and Provider Contracts
  • Project Management
  • Financial Recovery / Increased Revenues
  • Business Requirements Analysis
  • Operations / Business Process Improvement
  • Programming  Development
  • System / Application Integration
  • System Interface Development
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Testing
  • Training
  • EDI
  • Audits – Operations, IT, and Configuration