Payer Engagements

We Understand Your Business

HealthAll Consulting (HAC) has successfully delivered professional consulting services to nearly 100 healthplan clients throughout all U.S. geographic regions including the Carribean. Our primary objective and offering to client management is to deliver quantitative results and cost savings that are measurable while building trust with its management team. Each member of our senior management team offers more than 30 years of healthplan and payer industry experience. We understand your business, that is, the business of healthcare and healthplan operations.

Payer Engagements

A one million+ member healthplan engaged HAC to provide legacy system support for 3 years. During this time, HAC earned the recognition of a primary trusted business partner and was awarded responsibility to assist in the conversion and implementation of a new claim system. This client has engaged a large number of HAC Associates, Project Managers, subject matter experts, leadership, and advisory services to management.

HAC provided business and IT leadership and staffing to a 1.5 million member BCBS organization focused on the implementation and ongoing support of its core claim system and including the delivery and adoption of industry best practices to improve the efficiency of business operations and Information Technology. HAC support services focused on IT, Configuration, Medicaid, Medicare and more. HAC delivered satisfactory results and cost effective services for more than 7 years.

A one million member California based healthplan engaged the services of HAC to assist with the implementation of a new Medical Management system and Claim system. In addition, HAC professional consulting services encompassed a number of other objectives related to optimizing the functionality and efficiency of their core claim system. This engagement extended for more than 5 years.

HAC earned the status of trusted business partner for a 250,000 member Northeast based healthplan that extended for more than 10 years. HAC consulting services focused primarily on the implementation of a new core claim system and the integration of many subsystems. In addition to providing a large team of consultants for many years, such services also included leadership and advisory services to senior management.

Based on proven cost effective results, HAC earned the trust of senior management of a 250,000 member healthplan based in the South that led to a 10+ year partnership. HAC services focused on the delivery and adoption of industry best practices to improve the efficiency of business operations and Information Technology. Such services ranged from optimization of the core claim system, system integration, the re-engineering and process improvement of their benefit and provider contract configuration processes. Other services concentrated on the ongoing support of business, financial, regulatory, and Information Technology objectives.