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HealthAll Consulting (HAC) has successfully delivered professional consulting services to hospitals and providers for the past thirty (30) years throughout all the U.S. geographic regions. Our primary objective and offering to clients is focused on the delivery of EMR implementation and revenue cycle improvement services. Our outcomes exceed the competition. Our proven and quantitive results are achieved based on our experience and leadership of our Sr. Executive who gets involved and participates with your team and with your Sr. Management in accomplishing your objectives. Your objectives become our objectives! Our commitment to your goal is not based on profits. Instead, we accept responsibility and ownership as a trusted business partner to ensure your goals are met with satisfaction. In short, our commitment to you is unmatched in the industry!

Provider Engagements

Provider Management Firm

This firm manages over 40 physician practices across the United States. Based upon a past experience with HAC, a C level executive requested assistance on building a solution that would automate the manual check deposits for physicians. The project has included the selection and implementation of an EDW solution, and the development of a Check Reconciliation solution.

North East Rehabilitation Hospital

Having experienced past success employing the services of HealthAll Consulting, a C level executive contacted HealthAll Consulting (HAC) to request assistance with implementation and testing resources related to Cerner. Project resources were deployed to meet the specific needs. In addition, HAC provided Cerner Revenue Cycle assistance, a number of issues had arose during the implementation and again the client reached out to HAC for assistance. Lastly, the client asked HAC to look at the design and build an EDW solution that would condense and summarize financial data from their affiliated outpatient partners.

Mid-West Rural Hospital

The client required subject matter experience with their Cerner EMR and Rev Cycle implementation. The CIO had previous experience with HAC providing leadership and subject matter expertise on Cerner Implementations and reached out to us. Resources deployed were Advisory EMR Service leadership, and various subject matter expertise.  Number of resources deployed – 5, Project duration 12 month.

Northeast Healthcare Organization

The client was in immediate need of several Epic Ambulatory Subject matter experts. They had used several consulting firms previously, however were running into delays due to the “so called” experts not having the right Epic Credentials and Experience.  Since HAC uses a proprietary vetting process on every consultant this all but guarantees the resource is qualified. Resources were hired and the client was still able to meet their project deadline.

West Coast Hospital

The client was in need of a Cerner PharmNet resource with a Pharmacist License. Simply put our PharmNet resource is one of the top 5 known resources in the nation who was available and exceeded their experience requirements. Project duration – 14 months.

Mid-West Medical Center

The Medical Center required subject matter experience with the Cerner EMR and Rev Cycle implementation. The CIO had previous experience with HAC providing leadership and subject matter expertise on Cerner Implementations and reached out to us for project resources. Resources deployed had various subject matter expertise that included Project Management, and Analysts with design, build and support experience. Number of resources deployed – 3, project duration 15 months.

Southeast Hospital

HealthAll Consulting was asked to provide resources that included an Advisory CMIO, Analysts with design, build, and test experience as well as Analysts with Testing Coordination, Curriculum Creation, Training and Support experience. This was a year plus project that included; inpatient acute, physician offices, and ambulatory offices. Over 45 resources including physicians (MD level), nurses and experienced trainers were utilized.

West Coast Hospital

This client was in need of a McKesson Horizon report writer. Resources with this experience are not difficult to provide, however they wanted this resource at a very low cost and other firms had not been able to offer an economical rate.  Because of HAC’s financial flexibility this led the client to ask HAC to assist with the Cerner EMR implementation. The client utilized HAC Project Managers/Leaders, and Subject Matter experts in most all areas of the Cerner EMR Implementation. Project duration – 18 month plus.