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HAC provides exclusive healthcare professional consulting services to Hospitals. HAC can offer medical reimbursement consultants that specialize in recovering lost revenue for hospitals, medical facilities and physicians. HAC Associates have successfully recouped millions of dollars from insurance companies (including Medicare, Medicaid, MCO, Commercial and Third party Liability) based on accounts that were written off as bad debt and “non-collectable”.
HAC's experienced team of medical reimbursement specialists are experts not only in identifying and recovering your lost revenues, but also in substantially increasing your revenue long term. Our professional services are not limited to recovery only but instead extend to offering you advisory services, “best practices” and staff training that will allow your operations to sustain optimum revenue levels.
Many of our HAC Associates offer previous employment with insurance companies. This past experience provides an advantage whereas our Associates have first-hand knowledge of how payers code benefits and provider contracts to keep your medical payouts at a minimum. In turn, we are able to maximize payouts to medical facilities.
HAC Associates have successfully negotiated the settlement of hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements with the CXOs of insurance companies. During the recovery process, HAC Associates have also identified the reason(s) organizations were losing millions of dollars each month. Primarily, it was due to coding, registration, contract- related, and other process issues. Due to the knowledge and experience of both Hospital and Payer Operations, HAC professionals were able to resolve business process and coding issues to maximize future revenues for medical facilities like your organization.
We at HAC are so confident we can make a difference for your organization that we will assume all financial risk. In brief, HAC's compensation for financial recovery services is based strictly upon a minimal contingency structure so there is no upfront cost or substantial fees required by your organization to engage our services.
We at HAC are confident we can collect and recover significant bad debt and other financials for your organization to increase your revenue immediately and for the long term. Please allow us the opportunity to prove that we can deliver significant value to your organization.
We look forward to working with you.
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