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Our Industry is Under Attack
More than 70% of executives at healthcare providers and payers say their information technology has been compromised by cyber-attacks. In 2016, such attacks occurred at a rate of 1 per day. HHS requires entities to report breaches within 60 days of discovery, and only 86 entities reported their breach to HHS within that timeframe.
In brief, our industry continues to be the target of hackers. No other industry is hit harder by cyberattacks than healthcare. Such attacks and breaches puts patient health, provider, member, and personal information at risk.
A survey of healthcare organizations revealed that the majority of healthcare organization’s don’t have confidence in their current protection systems or staff’s ability to provide sufficient protection and don’t know their capabilities, in real time, to detect if their organization’s systems are being compromised.
The magnitude of the security threats against healthcare information has grown exponentially, but the response and budget allowance for securing that information remains far short of what is required.
HAC Cybersecurity Services
Let HAC help your organization proactively prevent, rather than reactively detect areas of security risk.
HAC can help payers and providers with advanced endpoint security to protect the sensitive information maintained for patients, members, and providers.
We understand the business of healthcare, your business! More importantly, we understand the information systems, applications, devices, communication networks, and more that are utilized by providers and payers.
CIS Controls
The CIS Critical Security Controls (CIS Controls) are a concise, prioritized set of cyber practices created to stop today’s most pervasive and dangerous cyber attacks. The CIS Controls are developed, refined, and validated by a community of leading experts from around the world.
HAC can offer the experience, capability, and veteran security professionals that are experts in the field of cybersecurity. We can help you successfully achieve the first five CIS Controls to significantly reduce your risk of cyberattack and possibly by 85 percent.
The Center of Internet Security (CIS) suggests that organizations that apply just the first five CIS Controls can reduce their risk of cyberattack by approximately 85 percent. Implementing all 20 CIS Controls increases the risk reduction to approximately 94 percent.
HAC services also include providing healthplan executives like you and others with advisory services on:
Our services are as effective as a Big 4 consulting firm but our value exceeds the competition.
Why pay more?
  • Advisory Services (Click to view all)

    • Effectiveness of your current efforts - Assessment & Scorecard

    • Suggested Scope & Strategy

    • How much should your organization invest in Cyber Security

    • Findings & Recommendations - Includes an action plan, direction, etc.

    • Workforce Education - for ALL levels (one shoe does not fit all)

    • Advisory Services - HIPAA Audits, Compliance Reviews, Penetration Testing, Social Engineering and Policy/Governance set up.

    • Staff Augmentation Services - Cyber Security specific and/or general IT


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